A Stroll through a Chinese Garden, Hong Kong


    Located in the middle of the concrete jungle of Hong Kong is Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nursery – a serene & peaceful park full of plants, trees, wooden pavilions & stones designed with the Tang dynasty construction style. The garden provides a much-needed change of pace from the hustle & bustle of the city life. Check out all the beautiful pictures below to see what I mean!

    Surrounded by skyscrapers, the garden is located in Diamond Hill & is only a short walk from the Diamond Hill exit on the MTR (mass transit railway). Hong Kong is incredibly safe & easy to navigate – I suggest purchasing the Tourist Day Pass which can be purchased at the customer service desks at the stations (more to come on this in a later post!).

    The Nan Lian Garden is free to the public & spans over an astonishing 8.6 acres. Follow the signs to the garden & enter at the beautifully constructed wooden gate.

    Helpful hint: Pre-booked tours are available but save yourself some money & walk the gardens on your own time.

    Once you enter, the first thing you’ll notice is the perfectly pruned & placed trees including the traditional Chinese bonsai. Follow the circular one way loop around the garden & you’ll get a glimpse of the serene ponds with lily pads & koi fish, the beautiful pavilions including the colorful one right in the center boasting a bright red bridge over the surrounding pond, & waterfalls hidden perfectly within the rocks.

    Continue on where the mountains will appear as in backdrop & there will be endless bridges & galleries full of artwork, enormous models of the nunneries & bonsai displays. At the end, hidden behind a waterfall will be a tea house & vegetarian restaurant.

    You’ll want to also visit the Chi Lin Nunnery right next door – cross the bridge that takes you across the street & into the nunnery. Not only does the nunnery provide a panoramic view of the Nan Lian Gardens but the actual nunnery is stunning & worth a stroll through. It includes a large buddha statue & a courtyard filled with ancient bonsai trees. The grounds are peaceful & beautiful which makes for a perfect photo-op.

    Walking through the Nan Lian Garden & the Chi Lin Nunnery is a must-do when visiting Hong Kong. It’s open from 7am-9pm everyday, free to the public & provides the perfect blend of nature & tranquillity in the middle of the city. You won’t want to miss out, trust me!✌?


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