Essential Packing Tips


    So, you are ready to go on an exciting weekend getaway and you start pulling out all your favorite outfits for every occasion you can think of. You look at your “essentials” and realize you have enough outfits for a 40 pound check in. Only problem is, you didn’t plan on paying those pesky baggage fees to check in a bag. What’s next? Bag fees can really add up (see common baggage fees below) and waiting an hour for your bags to finally get unloaded can be frustrating and time consuming when you only have two days to enjoy your getaway.

    I am historically an over packer no matter where I’m going and have tried almost every form of packing – rolling, folding, mashing – anything you can think of I’ve tried it! I would resort to either taking fewer clothes (bummer) or checking in a big, bulky bag. Recently I came across the best way to pack a weeks worth of clothing in a carry on (yes I said a weeks worth!). Another benefit to this form of packing – your clothes will be wrinkle free when you unpack. My clothes before this method were far from wrinkle free and pulling out on an iron is such a downer on a vacation. I had resorted to packing only clothes I knew wouldn’t wrinkle, but no more! The method is known as bundle packing.

    I had heard about this packing method and thought it might take too much effort and no even work but I have to say after traveling the past 3 trips with this packing method I’m impressed! It’s quick and easy and your clothes really do stay wrinkle free. Not to mention you can pack a TON in a small carry on. The only downside is to pull just one thing from the bundle you have to basically unwrap the whole thing.

    The basic steps to accomplish a good bundle wrap are the following:

    1. Lay jackets (face down) and long sleeve shirts (collar up) down first so they can lock the bundle.
    2. Alternate the shirts facing you and upside down (vertical), aligning the sleeves and shoulders with one another.
    3. Lay pants horizontal with the zipper in the center of the shirts.
    4. The center of the bundle should include socks, underwear, bathing suits, etc.
    5. Wrap shirt around the center tightly, sleeves first.
    6. Continue wrapping layer by layer. The tighter the wrap the less wrinkles.

    So, go ahead, overpack and enjoy your vacation without those crazy check bag fees!

    Baggage Fees – Domestic
    Airline 1st Bag 2nd Bag 3rd Bag
    American 25 35 150
    United 25 35 150
    Delta 25 35 150
    Spirit – carry on fees apply 30-100 40-100 85-100
    Frontier – carry on fees apply 20-30 30-35 70-80
    Southwest Free Free 75




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