Hotel Review: Westin Galleria Dallas


    I’ve been traveling to Dallas quite a bit lately and I have been staying at the Westin Galleria Dallas. It’s attached to the Galleria mall which, at first, I was a little apprehensive about because of traffic and proximity to other parts of Dallas (more on this later). However, the Galleria Dallas is considered one of the “Top 10 Shopping Spots in the US” and the Westin has two entrances right into the mall which offset the negativity I may have felt about the traffic being a fashionista and all!

    Overall, the Westin Galleria Dallas is clean, updated, and service is prompt and friendly. Currently, it’s going to cost you $250+ per night which seemed a little steep at first but after researching alternatives of equivalent hotels in the area its actually right on trend.

    Overall Rating = 4.5 


    Check-in and Parking

    I’ve checked in on different days of the week and at all hours of the day/night and each check in was quick and easy. Parking can be confusing at first because when you first pull in it appears valet is the only option, however, this isn’t accurate (even though the hotel might not make this clear). There is a small parking lot right out front of the hotel which is free for any length of time. In the day time, it’s pretty easy to find parking here, however, anyone can park here, including restaurant and mall visitors. This can make finding a spot during rush hour challenging. The second option for free parking, if you are willing to walk, is the parking garage. These are the same parking garages that service the mall and the closest to the Westin entrance can be located just past Belk and American Girl. It’s only a short walk and can save you a pretty penny. The final and most convenient is valet which will cost you $28.15 per night. However, this option will require you to call ahead for your car so if you’re in a rush to leave I would suggest one of the self parking options.


    The hotel rooms are relatively consistent with other Westin hotels with a modern, yet not too modern, design. The bathroom design is updated with adequate space and a rain shower head and frameless shower. The first stay here I would have said the shower was way too small for an upgraded room. It was like they forgot the shower and threw it in the closet. The room did have a large soaker tub but I’m not a bathtub person and a shower is key. Ever since that first stay, the showers included in the regular rooms are larger and more what I would expect. The living space is large and includes ample seating and lamps which is standard for all the Westin’s I have stayed in. I have found that Westin beds are always comfortable, this room had a Simmons BeautyRest, and I didn’t notice any unusually loud noises at night when trying to sleep and I’m an incredibly light sleeper.


    The gym is located on the 4th floor and is called the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio. You have to have a room key to enter and inside is everything you would need – you can even pick up a free set of earbud headphones if your forgot your own! It was pretty clean, although a few empty water bottles and dirty towels needed to be picked up. Machines include high end life fitness treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals with personal television screens with satellite channels so you can watch anything you want. This is probably my favorite part – you can watch anything on tv while also tracking your run or work out – no sharing required! The gym also includes free weights, machine guided exercises and an area to stretch or do crunches.

    Club Lounge

    To be honest, this is where the Westin could use improvement. Sure there are free cokes and water but there are little to no snacks through out the day (fruit is left out in a bowl), attendant can never be found, and the breakfast included in the lounge is almost non-existent. They should really step up their game on the lounge in my opinion – it’s probably one of the worst lounges I’ve seen at the SPG brand. I wouldn’t suggest paying to upgrade to the lounge floor to get access to this “feature.”


    My brother actually lives in Dallas, on the north east side, so I normally meet him for dinner all around the city. The Galleria is direct north of Downtown, located closer to DFW airport more than anything else which is great when you fly in super late at night like I tend to do. Dallas historically has horrendous traffic and constant construction so I was already planning a long 1 hour to go 15 miles to meet for dinner. But much to my surprise, in the last few years the city has invested a ton of money into tollroads, one of which runs right past the Galleria, Dallas North Tollway. Yes, you have to pay to take the toll, but its 100% worth it. The difference between taking highway 35E to downtown and the tollway to downtown was 35 minutes versus 12 minutes. It’ll cost you about $2 to get all the way to downtown and no toll tag is needed, they just mail you a bill. This quickly cleared up my misconception on the location being “not so great.”

    It’s important to note that the Galleria itself offers plenty of food, shopping, and entertainment for kids including the indoor ice skating rink. Food options are a step above normal food courts including Corner Bakery, Five Guys and Panda Express. The Westin has two mall entrances so if you are car-less during your stay, its a great option.


    When I think of hotel service I normally think of the front desk, the maid service, valet, and room service. During my stays at the Westin Galleria Dallas, I haven’t ordered any room service but I have utilized the valet, maid service and front desk. One small but big tidbit- if you don’t need your room cleaned everyday opt for the Green Choice (MAGC) and you can earn 250-500 per night towards your SPG membership. Basically, you are skipping your daily room service but you can call down at any time to get towels or toiletries. I chose to use Green Choice at check in, and therefore, didn’t have my room cleaned everyday. However, I did call down for towels, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. through out my stay and delivery was pretty prompt and accurate. I’ve waited hours for towels before so let’s just say waiting 10 minutes is pretty good.

    One complaint is always how slow valet is, however, I found that if you call ahead and wait about 10 minutes your car will be outside waiting for you. Plan ahead if you need your car during rush hour, dinner time, or Sunday morning when a lot of people check out – there are only about 2 valet parkers here at the Westin. I will say though, the women valet parker, Cyndi, who works at this Westin is extremely friendly and efficient.


    Until next time!



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