Iceland on your travel wish list?


    Has Iceland been on your mind lately? Well, you aren’t alone – it has been for a lot of people! I have personally had a lot of friends visit Iceland and until very recently the idea of going to Iceland was far fetched to say the least. The cost of the flight was around $800-$1000 per person which is pricey for a country where the travel costs including hotels and food can add up.

    One of the main reasons to go to Iceland aside from experiencing all the beautiful nature is the Aurora Borealis – this article does justice to how to see the northern lights. Iceland used to be expensive to get to, mainly because there are only two major airports in Iceland even though Google lists quite a few. Reykjavík and Keflavík are the two major airports (on the lower left hand side).

    Founded in 2011, Iceland based WOW Air recently opened their low-cost airline up to travelers in the US to experience Iceland and a lot of top European destinations with fares that sound unbelievable.

    At first glance the fares are fantastic but if you have Iceland on your mind and you plan to explore it with one of WOW Airs $199 round-trip specials, here are some costs to keep in mind:

    1. Carry On Bag Fees – On a Boston to Iceland round-trip flight, carry on bag fees for normal size carry-ons was $40.99 each way.
    2. Check In Bag Fees – Check in bag fees vary, but start at $50.99 one way
    3. Seat – Seat fees also vary but start at $9.99 and go to $50.99 one way

    All these fees add up so keep these in mind when you book your travel on WOW Air. If you travel light, you may be able to make this work but if you take a check-in and use the cheapest seat option the fees add up to around a $100 round trip. Regardless of the fees, we are all just thankful to be able to visit Iceland at a much more reasonable cost than we used to be able to. Now we just need a major full service carrier to get close to those fares – a girl can dream, right?!


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