Modern Thai Street Fare – CrushCraft in Dallas


    I visit Dallas quite a bit & when I was there recently I was craving Thai iced tea – if you haven’t tried it before & you’re a tea/coffee drinker it’ll change your life, promise. ? So, I went on a quest for a nice Thai iced tea & came across CrushCraft in Dallas which promised a modern twist on Thai street fare. These types of restaurants are more of a fad & honestly I wasn’t expecting much but CrushCraft delivered just that & more – a pleasant surprise! I sat down, grabbed a delicious Thai tea & a side of the spring roll bites.

    The restaurant itself is located in a larger strip center & parking can be a bit tough as there are a lot of “reserved spots” (typical in Dallas) however there is a garage where parking is available. The industrial vibe in the restaurant itself is quite outstanding – its light & airy with skylights in the main dining area. I even went back later for the Thai Green curry (& another Thai iced tea) – it had just the perfect amount of Thai coconut milk & the zing of peppers. It was authentic & put me right back to my visit to Phuket, Thailand.?

    The location is great, the food delivers on exactly the right elements & the price lets your wallet maintain its consciousness – all that with the eco-friendly twist on their serving materials (recyclable plates, cups, paper straws, etc). You can’t possibly go wrong here.

    So….. what’s my final ⭐️ rating on CrushCraft – see below the picture gallery!! ??????

    Happy eating everyone!



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