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    Out of all the places I’ve visited so far Tokyo, Japan has to be one of my favorite. The reason for this is pretty easy to pinpoint – there is so much to do & you can literally do anything there (& when I say anything I mean ANYTHING). If you can imagine it, the Japanese have thought of it, built it, & gone above & beyond to make it everything you imagined. This will make more sense as you read on.

    Tokyo can be sensory overload at first & researching online can be a little overwhelming. You will feel like a kid in a candy store & you don’t even know where to start with all the flavor options!

    So, whether you are there for a week or just a few hours here are 5 things you absolutely must do when in Tokyo.

    • Visit the Owl Cafe: Fukuro no Mise
    • Eat, Eat, & Eat some more!
    • Walk Shibuya Crossing
    • Visit Kawaii Monster Cafe
    • Walk Harajuku

    & now for the details…

    Visit the Owl Cafe: Fukuro no Mise

    This was the highlight of my trip – I’m a huge animal lover so you might start to see a common trend in our trips! Tokyo is the mecca for animal cafes – cats, owls, rabbits – but the owls definitely win. I mean see how cute they are in the gallery below.

    There are quite a few options for owl cafes but this one was awesome. You get to hold as many owls as you want & take pictures for an hour! The only restriction inside is not mixing the large owls with the small owls but everything else goes.

    As this was my favorite experience in Tokyo so far I will write a full article on tips for visiting the Owl Cafe very soon! [Update: see link of full details here ?]

    One helpful hint: The storefront is tiny & the windows are covered for the owls inside so use google maps to find it. Here is what the storefront looks like:

    Eat, Eat, & Eat Some More!

    Tempura at Kaneko Hannosuke, grill your own steak at a yakiniku restaurant, Teppanyaki at Yebisu (within the Westin Tokyo), & sushi at Muden Kura Sushi Shinagawa Ekimae.

    Need I say anymore? Look for future posts including my review of each restaurant!

    Walk Shibuya Crossing

    It is rumored to be the busiest intersection in the world & you can see why. People on the move to all different directions, this intersection embodies Tokyo – the hustle & bustle, quick pace life the Japanese live – especially on a Friday or Saturday evening. The crossing has been nicknamed the scramble & as you cross you will feel it. Not to mention an overwhelming “Welcome to Tokyo” with all the noises, people, & bright neon signs!

    It’s pretty easy to get here – you can take a taxi or take the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya station. Simple as that.

    See my opening video & the video below to experience a few seconds of the scramble!

    Visit Kawaii Monster Cafe 

    There are like 10 different types of cafes in Tokyo – maid, robot, etc. This one is so eccentric you will be confused & laughing almost the whole time (not what they were probably going for but oh well!). Kawaii has a huge following in Tokyo so this is where you go to truly experience a Tokyo fad on a huge scale.

    The Kawaii Monster Cafe is located on the 3rd or 4th floor up the escalators so use google maps to find it. It’ll cost you 500 yen to enter which is about $5 – but charging an entrance or sitting fee in Japan is the norm. They also require you to order 1 item off the menu per person.

    Once you find the hostess stand they will open the doors & BAM – it’s over the top, colorful, almost cartoonish entertainment including waiters dressed up as “monsters” & a short dance number by fully decked out Kawaii performers.

    The menu is super cute – it’s a touch screen cake with pictures – which makes it super easy to order. The food leaves something to desire but it comes out colorful & makes for a great photo op!

    Walk Harajuku

    Harajuku is a neighborhood in Shibuya, Tokyo & is the epicenter of Tokyo’s unorthodox style including clothes, restaurants, & artists. You’ll enter a narrow street full of colorful little shops & cafes which cater to just about anything. This is where you go to experience Tokyo’s futuristic style, colorful & cartoonish costumes, cute (sometimes strange) cafes, & even get a caricature of yourself.

    So, when I say anything – I mean anything – It’s hard to fully explain so hopefully the pictures below can fully do it justice!

    One of the most interesting shops was Alice on Wednesday – a store designed completely around Alice in Wonderland. Definitely don’t miss out & take a step through the tiny door into this store!

    Can you now see why I love Tokyo so much? The imagination & creativity this city has is beautiful & if you ever get to visit I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!✌?

    One last thing

    If you have a full day open, I also highly suggest visiting Mount Fuji. It’s a trek, approximately 80 miles from the center of the city, involving quite a few train rides but it is well worth it – check it out below.

    Look for a future post on traveling to Mount Fuji as well as taking advantage of Japan’s overwhelming railway system! For now, check out a sneak peek below.

    Safe & happy travels my friends 🙂




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