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    On a recent trip to Dallas, I was craving a hibachi dinner without the frills of being at a hibachi table and all the tricks that come with it. I ended up finding Fast Furious which is exactly that but its food turned out to be so much more. Most of the entrees are less than $10 a person and they have a few locations in the Dallas area. I ended up trying two different locations and the hibachi experience was exactly what I needed for a great dinner.

    C300 Hertz Rental at the Fast Furious in Las Colinas (near Dallas, TX)
    C300 Hertz Rental at the Fast Furious in Las Colinas (near Dallas, TX)

    When you walk in, the clean and easy menu makes ordering simple – you pick between sushi, hibachi or bowls/specials. They have chicken, shrimp, steak, pork, galbi beef short ribs, tofu, salmon and tuna as the various protein options. They have a host of appetizers as well ranging from stuffed mushroom poppers to pan-fried gyozas (pot stickers). Over my two trips I have tried the chicken, shrimp and steak and all have been excellent. The hibachi offerings come with fried rice or noodles, the protein option and grilled veggies.

    Steak and Vegetables Hibachi Dinner
    Steak and Vegetables Hibachi Dinner

    The fried rice isn’t greasy and the noodles have great flavor without being over bearing or soaked in broth – both are excellent options. The beef and shrimp combo is by far my favorite but the chicken has been excellent as well. What I did like about Fast Furious was they did offer two options for vegetarians – tofu and grilled veggies and their grilled veggies are an excellent medley of fresh vegetables. The locations I visited were clean and although fairly busy at lunch, they always made sure the meats were coming off the grill and into my plate rather than sitting under a heat lamp.

    Overall, if you’re looking for great hibachi food without the higher prices and don’t want to sacrifice a clean welcoming atmosphere, then Fast Furious is for you.


    Fast Furious Hibachi Grill
    Steak and Shrimp Hibachi Dinner with Noodles


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