The Latest Hot Spot for Cookie Dough Lovers


    Do you love cookies, cookie dough, or any kind of desserts? If so, this new hot spot in NYC might be just for you. It’s called DO, Cookie Dough Confections & it’s exactly what the name suggests – edible cookie dough served like ice cream! ?

    I was in NYC for a quick weekend trip & decided I had to check this place out. It recently moved to a new location in Greenwich Village close to NYU & has been the talk of the foodie scene ever since.

    First, let me break it down for you – I tried to go Saturday night around 8pm & I backed out seeing the line was at least 200 people deep. I thought if I returned Sunday morning when it opened I’d be golden. Well, I was wrong & I returned Sunday around 11:15am (they open at 10am) & the line was already pretty long. I wasn’t backing away this time – I came for cookie dough & I was gonna get it. So, we joined in line & waited…& waited…& waited… 1.5 hrs to be exact!

    So, what’s all the hype & is it really worth the wait??

    I’m even surprising myself with this answer but YES it’s totally worth it! I had the chocolate chip cookie dough & it was just like eating the batter at home. Everything I imagined it would be & more! 

    Here’s everything you need to know & pictures of the long line, cute storefront & yummy cookie dough. Don’t forget to read my overall rating at the end!

    • Be prepared to wait in line – service is slow, everyone samples different flavors & one person will order 10 things for their friends.
    • I would suggest going on a weekday if you actually live in the city & can stop by anytime. Don’t brace the weekend traffic if you don’t have to.
    • They run out of the special flavors quickly – brownie blast & a few others were already gone when I got there. They are churning through batter in the back but can’t keep up. Once sold out they close for the first day.
    • The one scoop is plenty – unless you want to try out multiple flavors stick with one scoop. It looks small but trust me it’s enough.
    • It’s served like ice cream – in a cup or cone – but it’s room temperature.
    • They charge $4 for 1 scoop, $7 for 2 scoops, $9 for 3 scoops.
    • Other items on the menu include cookies, ice cream sandwiches & actual ice cream but the dough is the favorite.
    • There’s select seating for about 6-8 people but it’s crowded so don’t expect to sit & eat inside.
    • If you are taking an Uber be aware that if you just type Cookie Do into your destination you will end up at the old location! Type in the address manually.



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