Introducing the Tallest Structure in the World – the Burj Khalifa


    Dubai is notorious for doing things big & their skyline is no exception. It boasts the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen in movies/tv – most notably in the ‘Fast 7’ from the Fast & Furious series. Once you’ve seen it once it’ll stick in your memory – you won’t forget it’s distinct, sparkly design plus the magnitude of it is undeniable. It’s so tall it barely fits in one picture!

    The Burj Khalifa is very impressive & has accomplished something that many other award-winning buildings haven’t. It’s not only super tall – 2,700 feet tall to be exact – but it’s beautiful if not stunning to the eyes. It’s covered with sparkling lights providing an indescribable shimmer & right after sunset the lights are the most beautiful.

    As soon as you step foot in Dubai you realize the magnitude of the structure & it becomes a must-see before you leave (if it wasn’t already on your list)!

    The Burj Khalifa is situated right on the Burj Khalifa lake that features a 5 minute fun light, sound & water fountain show.. I believe it begins at 1 & 1:30pm & not again until 6pm at night. It’s pretty cool as the music includes modern & classical music & its free to the public! You can see it by stepping outside the Dubai mall at the Souk Al Bahar Bridge.

    We pre-purchased general admission tickets online for 9am to beat the crowd & it was cheapest at 125 AED ($34). If you want to visit around sunset it’s considered prime time & will cost you 200 AED ($55). I’ve heard this is the prettiest time to visit but it’s also super busy so definitely pre-book & show up early if you want to visit at this time! These tickets include a visit to level 125 & 124.

    There are also options for immediate entry & premium tickets to level 125, 124 & 148. In my opinion & from what I read online – these are both a waste of money – but to each their own!

    The elevator to ‘At the Top’ is located within the Dubai Mall right next to Ermenegildo Zenga.

    Because we picked the early morning time there was only a small line & we were able to pick up our physical tickets right at the counter when we walked in. Then we were on our way!

    You’ll have to walk a bit where you’ll learn about the architecture, construction & accolades of the Burj Khalifa. Everything is clearly thought out & incredibly high quality including the building models & the ceilings. You’ll take an incredibly fast elevator up 124 floors (Emiratis do everything over the top!) to the observation deck which provides 360° views of Dubai. You don’t realize how high up you actually are until you look out & everything else is TINY. See what I mean below??

    You can move between floor 124 & 125 to get all the views you want. They suggest 1.5 hours for the tour but you can stay as long as you want!

    Once you decide to leave, you’ll take the elevator down to the gift shop (of course!) & there are all sorts of goodies to purchase. They are pretty expensive though so you are better off going to the Souk & buying souvenirs there!

    Even the cheapest option – At the Top (general admission) – is pretty expensive at $34 but it’s definitely worth it. The 360° views are one of a kind & offer as many photo-ops as your heart desires.

    To think there are some lucky rich people who own apartments (900 to be exact) in the Burj Khalifa & wake up to the beautiful views everyday! A girl can dream, right?




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