As soon as you board the plane doesn’t it seem like the flight attendant starts advertising their reward program before they even go over safety regulations and policies. Do you think to yourself “no point seeing I’m not a regular flyer” or “I book my tickets solely based on price and fly different airlines”? Me too.. Or I used to until I realized I could potentially be missing out on a ton of perks! These perks can include miles towards future travel, free checked bags, lounge access, priority boarding, and even cash back. Plus it’s quick, easy and free to sign-up. I flew Etihad Airways for the first time last year when I snagged a great deal online to Asia. I had never flown Etihad so I signed up for their Etihad Guest program and to my surprise was able to redeem my miles flown on just one trip for cash! From then on I was hooked and never miss out on the free benefits of these reward programs. It is important to remember each airline is part of an airline alliance – a group of airline companies that function as partners – and miles flown on any of the partner airlines can be applied to your rewards. You’d be surprised how many miles you’d have by just requesting these miles earned on their partner airlines!
Here are a few of the most popular airline rewards programs and the alliance they participate in: United
  • Star Alliance
    • Earn and redeem miles on any of the 28 member airlines.
  • MileagePlus Program
    • Best for traveling out of San Francisco, Guam, Tokyo, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Newark, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.
American Airlines
  • oneworld Alliance
    • Earn and redeem miles on any of the 15 member airlines.
  • AAdvantage
    • Best for traveling out of Dallas, Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York.
  • SkyTeam Alliance
    • Earn and redeem miles on any of the 20 member airlines.
  • Skymiles
    • Best for traveling out of Amsterdam, Paris, Cincinnati, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seattle and Salt Lake City.