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Your cars all packed and you’re on you way to the airport! Inevitably you have to park your car while your gone and this is on top of all the other fees you’ve already paid. You could park directly at the airport for convenience but it will cost you a pretty penny. But with a simple shuttle ride you could save yourself hundreds of dollars by parking at off-site lots. It’s simple and you can join their loyalty programs to earn free days of parking – who doesn’t love that! Tips:
  • Go online and reserve yourself a parking spot during holidays and weekends at your preferred off-site parking lot. On busy days, the lots could fill up fast!
  • If you own an electric car, check which companies reserve special areas for electric cars and allow you to charge for free while you are parked there.
  • If it’s your first time parking at an off-site lot ask the shuttle driver where they will pick you up on your return. Every airport will have a designated area for shuttle pick ups.

Here are the most popular Airport Parking companies and their loyalty programs: The Parking SpotThe Spot Club
  • Serves 21 airports at 38 locations.
  • Earn 5 points for every $1 spent; translates into 1 free day of parking for every paid 7 days of parking.
  • You can reserve parking spots online for free and promotional coupons are emailed frequently.
The Fast Park Relax for Rewards
  • Serves 14 airports at 17 locations.
  • Earn 1 point for each full paid day of parking; 8 points equal 1 free day of parking or 40 points equals a free week (7 consecutive days) of parking.
  • No black out dates for redeeming rewards.
PreFlight Airport Parking Frequent Parker Program
  • Serves 7 airports at 8 locations.
  • Earn 1 free day of parking for every 6 paid days of parking OR earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on United Airlines or American Airlines.
  • Downloadable app where you can make reservations and obtain a QR code to check-in and out at the facility.
  • Prices are discounted when a prepaid reservation is made online.
WallyPark WallyClub
  • Earn 1 WallyPoint for every $1 spent.
  • For every 10 points you can redeem $1 online.
  • Serves 11 airports at 11 locations.
Park ‘N FlyFrequent Parker Program
  • Serves 14 airports at 16 locations.
  • Earn 1 free parking day for every paid 7 days of parking.
  • Has a network of off-site airport parking services at over 67 airports in the U.S. through its online reservation system.
    • However, Park ‘N Fly’s Frequent Parker Program will not apply for these reservations. You will earn rewards on that affiliates loyalty program if you are a member.
ParkRideFly Frequent Parker Program
  • Unlike other companies prepaid reservations are made online and options include their off-site parking and their partners off-site parking. From the website, you reserve a spot at a discounted price.
    • Partners include major players including The Parking Spot, Preflight, and Park ‘N Fly. Click here for the list of additional partners.
  • Earn 1 point for each parking reservation; Earn 1 free day of parking for every 10 points earned.
  • Get 5 bonus points when you sign-up online.

Parking Around Town city-skyline-clip-art-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-online-royalty-i5zJIv-clipart

It’s now time to enjoy the city – dinners, drinks, museums, etc. You’ve rented a car and drive into the city to enjoy yourself and realize valet is going to cost you $20 every night or street parking (if you can find it) or a public lot/garage parking that will charge you some ridiculous amount by the hour. That can add up quickly and that is why this is one of the easiest ways to save some money while on vacation if you plan just 5 minutes ahead. In the world of technology there are quite a few apps that will help you prepay for parking at a discounted rate and believe me, it’s well worth it!
Here are the most popular and useful Parking apps: Spot Hero 
  • Currently the most popular and talked about on-demand parking app/website.
  • Connects parking lots, parking garages, and valet services within a map of the requested location.
  • Prices are significantly cheaper through Spot Hero versus the posted rate.
  • Reservation time can be extended right from the app.
  • All you have to do is type in location, select a parking spot to book, park your car in your guaranteed spot.
  • Reservation details include price, time you can enter and time you must exit, amenities, and a picture of the entrance.
  • Available in 200+ cities, 35 states, and includes daily, monthly, special event, and airport parking.
  • Promises a guaranteed parking spot once reserved through the app.
  • All you have to do is type in location, select a parking spot to book, park your car in your guaranteed spot.
  • Plans to integrate with Ford’s new FordPass app allowing customers to reserve parking in the click of one button.
  • Can cancel parking spot up to reservation entrance time and directions to your spot are sent right to you on the app.
Parking Panda
  • Available in 40 cities.
  • All you have to do is type in location, select a parking spot to book, park your car in your guaranteed spot.
  • Search tool includes a picture of the entrance and amenities included (i.e. covered parking, staff on site, etc).
  • 100% refundable up to your entrance time and your spot is guaranteed.
Park Me
  • Available in 90,000 locations, 4,200 cities, and 7 continents.
  • All you have to do is type in location, select a parking spot to book, park your car in your guaranteed spot.
  • Search tool includes a picture of the entrance, amenities included and the percentage full the lot/garage currently is.
  • App includes a parking timer to help you from overstaying and getting a ticket.
  • You can even reserve street parking in select cities.
  • A totally hassle free form of parking where all you have to do is the following:
    • Let them know where you are going through the app and a valet driver will pick your car up at that exact location.
    • The valet driver will park your car in a secure lot nearby and will even, by request, will wash and refuel your car.
    • When you are ready to leave, contact them 15 minutes before and let them know your preferred location and they’ll deliver your car to you. Easy enough!
  • Rates vary by city but average about $5 per hour (plus tip for the driver).
  • Currently only servicing San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Austin and New York City.
Happy Traveling everyone! jillheartlogo