Where should you go next?


    You’ve got money saved, time off from work, & you’re full of excitement. Problem is you’re ready for your next big adventure but can’t decide where to go! Well, don’t worry – Travel and Leisure has released their 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017 & it includes a ton of great options.

    What I love about T+L’s 50 best list is it includes something for everyone – international or domestic, beaches or fast paced cities, timeless destinations or emerging markets. I know after reading through the full list I’m definitely adding a few spots to my travel bucket list! ?

    Here are a few of my favorite destinations included in T+L’s list:

    Madagascar – 90% of flowers & wildlife is endemic to this island which means you will experience things here you can’t experience anywhere else. What better reason than to hit this beautiful island in the near future!

    Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – enjoy the beautiful lake views, hike the Buiräbähnli Safari, or take the Gotthard Tunnel to Milan, Italy. We were in Switzerland last October & stopped at Lake Lucerne & it’s absolutely breathtaking. You won’t regret adding this as one of your stops on a European road trip!

    Malaga, Spain – enjoy a plethora of museums – new & old – including the Picasso Museum. This emerging city is a mix between Madrid & Barcelona offering the best of both worlds.

    Paros, Greece – Greece is beautiful & is unlike anywhere else in the world. So, of course this is one of my favs. I’m finally visiting in March & couldn’t be more excited!

    Indianapolis, Indiana – So, even I’m surprised by this domestic spot, however, they’ve got me convinced. I’m a foodie & it sounds like Indianapolis’s culinary scene has really bloomed. Plus, I live in Chicago & it’s just a quick drive over!

    These are just 5 of the 50 that made the list but any of the 50 destinations are great suggestions. Don’t just take my word for it – check out the full article here! ✌?

    Have you traveled to any of these destinations & have some suggestions/tips? I’d love to hear them to plan out future vacations 🙂


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